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Why Celebrate the Everyday? I always start my day by repeating to myself Psalm 118:24- "This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it." It's a reminder that even in the midst of the mundane and on the hardest of days, there is always something to celebrate, always something to be grateful for! Join me as I document our family's journey of homeschooling our son.

Frederick Meijer Gardens- July 29, 2010

Today our Botany Boot-camp group headed to Frederick Meijer Gardens for a class on carnivorous plants. To say Zachary was excited is an understatement! He LOVES learning about these types of plants. He has devoured so much information on the subject I dare say he may be an expert!
Our day started with a tour of the carnivorous plant exhibit. We even got to go back behind the scenes in the greenhouses to where they grow the specimens for the exhibit.
We then headed to a classroom to look more closely at the various carnivorous plants. We learned that a Venus Flytrap really only needs to "eat" 1-2 insects per year to survive.
The highlight for Zach was being able to dissect a Pitcher plant. One of them was full of the lovely remnants of bugs it had eaten.
Finally, we were taken on a tour of the rest of the indoor gardens. The blown glass that was on display amongst the various plants was breathtaking!
The tour concluded our organized time at the gardens however we decided to stay and have lunch and explore the outside a little bit. The boys had fun running around and the adults enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Enjoy the following pictures from our day. You can click on any picture to make it larger.
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